Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Day before Haiti!


It is our final day of preparation and packing before leaving for Haiti! Each morning this week, we have met for prayer together and are all very excited to be part of what God has planned for this week in Les Cayes, Haiti. Tonight we are holding a "packing party" to pack up donated items and supplies for crafts and games. First thing tomorrow morning, we meet up with the college team from Christ Covenant Church at the airport, and the 22 of us will be working together this week.

Please keep us in your prayers:

*for the land, suffering from deforestation and soil erosion
*for racial and socio-economic reconciliation, 85% of the total population lives in absolute poverty, while 0.5% are wealthy and control 45% of the national revenue
*70% of adults are unemployed, and those that are employed have an average individual income of US$250 per year
*60% of adults cannot read or write / more than 50% of children do not go to school
*Haiti imports more than 50% of the food that they consume / more than 25% of children suffer from malnutrition
*50% of the population has NO healthcare
*13% of children die before the age of 5
*25% of Haitians die before the age of 40
*for practical needs to be met
*for spiritual needs to be met: hearts to be changed through the bringing of God's word, worship, and love

PRAY FOR OUR TEAM: Janell Benzaquen / Katherine Benzaquen / Emily Binnie / Carl Crumbliss / Janna Fuccillo / Peggy Gasior / Victor Labrada / Sarah Rodriguez / Joanna Sabater / William Sofield / Valerie Warfel
*safety while traveling
*physical and emotional health
*team relationships, unity with the Christ Covenant team
*hearts focused outward and on our mission
*heightened awareness and wisdom in interacting with a different culture
*protection against spiritual warfare
*for the ways in which God will change each of us, personal growth

*Christ Covenant team of 11 and their leader, Jordan
*Frank Moraina, the GCA representative and our leader in Haiti
*the St. Germaine family who will be hosting us
*house mothers at each site
*you and others supporting us through prayer!

Mesi, Bondye beni!

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