Thursday, August 13, 2009


We had an INCREDIBLE day today! The team had great energy, and we headed out early for a full day of visiting orphanages. We ended up visiting FOUR different sites, one of which is new as of a week ago. It is awesome to be here and see the continued progress of the ministry here. We were able to teach the Prodigal Son skit, as well as add the story of the walls of Jericho. The kids really loved watching the marching around the human "walls" of Jericho with "trumpets" (kazoos, to be exact). There was a large donation of toiletry bags and toothbrushes and toothpaste (thank you, Granada VBS!!), so we were able to personalize toiletry bags for each orphan at one of the sites and give them each one to keep. Afterwards, we introduced the children of Haiti to the fun that is pipecleaners! They made pipecleaner people and also got creative...we saw bumblebees and glasses and bracelets. So much fun!

Our leader, Frank, said we must be an extra-spiritual group because Pastor Louis decided to take us for a quick lunch break on another gorgeous beach...where the schoolbus got stuck in the sand. It took the entirety of the men in our group and some savvy bus-driving from Pastor Louis to get the bus out.

We have experienced some "firsts" here in Haiti which also continues to encourage us regarding the progress being made here. While we have been here, we have seen the first traffic light go up in Les Cayes, as well as saw the first motor boat.

There have been some very distinct moments of spiritual warfare...from flat tires, to power outages, illness, a close call with getting our vehicle "confiscated", getting stuck in the sand. But, all of that has given us opportunity after opportunity to see how God is present with us and protecting us and BLESSING the ministry here.

All in all, it was very full day, but everyone is very energized and extremely joyful! We are eager to share stories, pictures, and songs about the beauty of Haiti, both the land and the people. As they say in Haiti, bondye beni ou (God bless you)...

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