Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prayer Requests

This past weekend, our team came together for a time of prayer. Here are some of the prayer requests shared during that time:

*Carla will be recovering from surgery this month, and the speed of recovery may jeopardize participation in the missions trip
*Jim's work situation may jeopardize participation in the missions trip
*several team members are currently traveling: Joanna, Katherine, and Victor
*prayer for the Haitian children to feel our love despite the cultural and language barriers
*prayer fo
r emotional preparation for interaction with the children, especially given their emotional and abandonment issues
*prayer for adjustment quickly, so we can focu
s on an outward perspective, rather than selfish or inward perspective
*prayer for William as he prepares to preach to the "big" church (1,500 in attendance), not knowing the people or their specific spiritual needs
*prayer for the other student team from Christ Covenant who we will work alongside

*Prayer for the raising of $18,000 in support! We prayed over our support letters and sent them out with confidence...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey Peggy!

It's pretty easy, once you're invited.

Support from Granada's VBS

Granada Presbyterian Church is holding it's 2009 VBS this week, and the children's missions project this year is to help support our trip to Haiti. The kids are collecting funds for the trip and items such as shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair ribbons, matchbox cars, etc. for us to take to the orphanages in Les Cayes. All donations will be received in a special box in the Granada Fellowship Hall, and we will be at the closing ceremonies on Friday to receive their support and thank them for partnering with us!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Raising Support

On May 24th, our team met over lunch to learn more about raising support from Pastor William Sofield.  William shared about reasons for raising support, how to raise support, who should be contacted, and guidelines for writing a support letter.

We took some time to think about the people in our lives that we wanted to invite to partner with us in this work in Haiti and in our own lives.  We also wrote initial drafts of our support letter and then shared them with the team.

GCG's First Missions Trip

Welcome to GCG's blog about our upcoming missions trip to Haiti!  Our team of 12 will be traveling to Les Cayes, Haiti from August 8-15 this summer.  In Les Cayes, there has been an initiative to develop various sites; each site is equipped with a church pastored by a local pastor, an orphanage, a school for the orphans, and a business that is run by the local community.  While we are there this summer, we will help with the construction of a school, as well as work with the orphans through VBS, sports, arts, and music.

We will be sharing the news of our preparations for the trip, as well as posting updates while we are in Haiti so that you may stay plugged in with our team and our progress.  Thanks for partnering with us in this effort to bring "HOPE4HAITI".