Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prayer Requests

This past weekend, our team came together for a time of prayer. Here are some of the prayer requests shared during that time:

*Carla will be recovering from surgery this month, and the speed of recovery may jeopardize participation in the missions trip
*Jim's work situation may jeopardize participation in the missions trip
*several team members are currently traveling: Joanna, Katherine, and Victor
*prayer for the Haitian children to feel our love despite the cultural and language barriers
*prayer fo
r emotional preparation for interaction with the children, especially given their emotional and abandonment issues
*prayer for adjustment quickly, so we can focu
s on an outward perspective, rather than selfish or inward perspective
*prayer for William as he prepares to preach to the "big" church (1,500 in attendance), not knowing the people or their specific spiritual needs
*prayer for the other student team from Christ Covenant who we will work alongside

*Prayer for the raising of $18,000 in support! We prayed over our support letters and sent them out with confidence...

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