Sunday, August 16, 2009


We arrived safely home in Miami, late yesterday afternoon! It was a long day of traveling...getting up and on the bus at 3:30am Saturday morning and driving back to Port-au-Prince. The airport was not extremely full, except at the door to enter the airport itself! We trickled in with the rest of the crowds and then waited while the Christ Covenant Group checked in for their flight which was a couple of hours before ours.

After everything was checked in and we had our boarding passes, we went to enjoy some sandwiches (and pizza?) and drinks before going through a third security screening to get to the gate. There was a slight delay in boarding because the flight was overbooked, but thankfully we all got on and got home smoothly and safely.

It is much too soon to even begin to share everything our team experienced in Haiti. I am certain things will begin to process now...even waking up this morning, I felt the heavy exhaustion that was kept at bay while in Haiti, but now that we are home, washed over me. And sharing pictures and stories with my husband yesterday was still very emotional.

I am not sure if the trip is planned with this in mind, but the fact that our first morning back is a time of worship together with the Granada family is such a blessing! We are all looking forward to seeing each other from the team again, as well as being back among our community. We hope to continue blogging here throughout the year as we look ahead to when we can return to Haiti again!

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